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My Story

Hey!!! You found me :). Glad you are here. My name is Omotayo Gbadamosi. Welcome to my Blog :). I was born and raised in Nigeria. My first time leaving the country was in 2014 when I came to Germany for my master’s studies. Before that, I’d only traveled within Nigeria, and I had never set foot outside the country. After moving to Germany, my first big trip was to Paris with two girlfriends in September 2014. That experience marked the beginning of my love for travel, and since then, I never stopped traveling. Traveling has brought me a sense of freedom beyond my expectations. Now, I explore the world with my husband and child, and we’ve been to almost 30 countries together.

A bit more about me

Beyond my adventures in travel, I call Berlin, Germany, my home. I’m happily married with a 7-year-old and work full time in the fintech industry. Photography is my passion, and I freelance as a photographer. Although I adore good food, I wouldn’t label myself a foodie—I see the distinction there. My first love, however, is fashion design. While I once dreamed of pursuing it full time, life had other plans. You’ll catch glimpses of my designs in my travel photos. I’m a creator at heart; even when I’m sitting, my mind is busy crafting different ideas. Challenges excite me, and I enjoy venturing into new territories. Surprisingly, I learned to cycle at 31 and mastered swimming in 2023 at the age of 33. To me, age is never a barrier to learning something new or pursuing our passions.

My Mission

I made this blog to talk about my travels and to inspire people to travel better.  I’m here to share my real, honest experiences with you. I’ve found that doing a bit of research before going to a new place can make the experience even better. Don’t get me wrong—I also like spontaneity sometimes. But think of me as your e-tour guide. When you need help or info, you can visit my blog. You can also read about my travel stories and tips to make your travels easier.

My first trip to Paris in 2014
My second trip with my girlfriends to Prague in 2015
Budapest with my family in 2018 - this was our 4th trip as a family
Montenegro in 2022
Greece in 2023

What my Blog will offer you…

  • Discover how to find the best travel deals that accomplish your travel goals
  • Gain expert knowledge and travel tips about destinations you are considering
  • share my realistic travel stories with you. 
  • Get genuine travel tips, honest reviews, and advice – for FREE

What you will not find on my Blog

  • Share articles or content that is biased, skewed, or misleading
  • Try to sell you the dream of traveling the world for free, or try to make you believe that is an easy task
  • Attempt to convince you to quit your job and become a digital nomad
  • Email you spam and useless information that clogs your email
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